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Hirudo Therapy





Hirundotherapy is an ancient treatment useful for: varicose veins, veins pain, arthrosis, haematoma, etc. One of the leech's roles is to stimulate and favor the microcirculation, that is the thick network of small vessels in the human body.

Leeches can drain and depurate the human body. Each treatment corresponds to a little bleeding to which our body responds with a new production of blood. The medical leech is composed of two suction caps: the posterior suction cap serves as support, the front suction cap contains the mouth opening.

The leech's bite is not painful and patients describe it as a mosquito's bite. The bite is star-shaped and has got three small saws which have, in turn, 80 little teeth sticking, with caution, to the skin and sucking the blood. Among the little teeth, there are little holes letting out saliva (containing many healing substances).

The treatment can last half an hour to two hours. Leeches stay attached to one spot and they don't slither around. Only when they are satiate, they loose their grip and can be moved away easily. The blood issuing from the wound is absorbed by a bandage which must be changed after some hours.