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The Sacral Cranium


From the embryonal state until the death, the craniosacral system is characterized by a few millimeters movement. This is considered as the ability of the body to grow and regenerate.


The craniosacral movement originates from the cerebral mass, it spreads over the cranial bones and, through the spinal meninges, over the sacrum, it moves the cephalorachidian liquid which is the fluid present in all the body tissues.


This system is composed of:


1. Cephalorachidian liquid fluctuation;


2. Dural canal mobility;


3. Dura mater system, that is reciprocal tension membranes;


4. Articular mobility in the cranium bones;


5. Sacrum mobility between the iliacs.




The first path covered by the liquor in the body is dictated by the reciprocal tension membranes, from the brain to the vertebral canal.


The osteopath should determine, through the patient examination, if there is a primariness in the craniosacral dysfunction or if the primariness is somewhere else and he should remove the cause of the insufficiency which brought the pain.