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Bioenergy is a diagnostic and therapeutic method which connects our physical world composed of matter, atoms and subatomic particles in continual movement with the cosmic energy.

In order to be more concrete in such an ethereal world, we should consider the Einstein's theory of relativity E=mc². The material mass is a particular kind of energy since energy is equivalent to the product of the particle mass multiplied by the square of the speed of light.

Cosmic energy can be measured through its effect on the electroscope and photographed through a Kirlian camera.

W.Reich observed the difference between the energetic radiation produced by living and non living creatures.

Cosmic energy is entropically negative: this energy doesn't tend to spread as it happens with heat, but it tends to accumulate.

According to the concept of entropy, the organized systems go more and more towards disorder: that is the phenomenon of entropy.

When heat, which is the typical example of energy, exceeds a certain degree, it burns the matter and decomposes it.

The negative entropy of the cosmic energy leads to the organization and formation of the living matter. So, the energetic status of people plays an important part on their immune system.

This is contrary to the second law of thermodynamics which states that the entropy of an isolated system tends to increase over time, since its disorder is continually growing.

On the other hand, the organic substance is always organizing itself – it has been organizing itself ever since its birth, with a steady increase of the complexity of its structure which goes on until it reaches the apex of its energetic content and of its development. Then, a process of loss of energy begins, leading to disorder.

According to the third principle, osteopathy stimulates self-regulation and self-repair through the connection with the energetic fields